TBSP088: Exclusive Mix for Dirom Sport Fitness Club (Heavy Edition: Part 2)

Hello everyone!

We are ready to bring you the last episode in the series of guest mixes for Dirom Sport Fitness Club. This mix includes even more Hardcore, Crossbreed, and Neurofunk tracks and remixes mixed by Discussor. Enjoy!

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[Drum & Bass Section]

Apex, Spor, Ewun & Evol Intent — Dirge
Mefjus & Emperor — Sanity Check
The Clamps & Social Disorder (Original Mix)
Gydra — Trojan
Telekinesis — In My Mind
Apex — Nowhere to Run
Drumsound, Bassline Smith, Teddy Killerz — Metal and Blood
Gridlok — Opera
June Miller & James Marvel — Dominator (feat. MC Mota)
Current Value — DNA
Delta Heavy, Muzzy — Revenge
TriaMer — Restart
Dominator Turno — Bomb Squad (A.M.C VIP)
Current Value — That Smile
Mean Teeth — Multitude
Magnetude — Broken
Mizo and Trilo — The Pursuit
InsideInfo — Twofold
Kanine — Calculate
3RDKND — Fire and Blood (Abis Remix)
A.M.C — Mind The Gap
Mefjus & Loadstar — If I Could (Loadstar Remix)
The Prodigy — Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix)
QO and The Clamps — Krieg
Forbidden Society, Donny — Creator Destroyer (3RDKND Remix)
Billain and Vegas — Shinde
Sinister Souls, Gein & Bratkilla — Come At Me Bro
Blast, Gancher Ruin, Splashheads — Technodrome (Blast Remix)
3RDKND — The Upsidedown (Original Mix)
Black Sun Empire & Noisia — The Veil (Killbox Remix)
Pythius — BBT
Razlom — Microcontrol
Celldweller — My Disintegration
Adamant Scream and Dolphin — Flesh
Karmasynk — Into The Abyss
Forbidden Society — Skullcrawler (Deathmachine Remix)
Teddy Killerz & Gydra — Miles High
Zardonic — Takeover ft. The Qemists
Mick Gordon — BFG Division