TBSP051: Bigger and Better

Всем привет!

Представляем долгожданный новый выпуск  — TBSP051, состоящий из 69 треков, включая эксклюзивы и треки не звучавшие ранее в подкасте в более чем пяти стилях. Приятного прослушивания!

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Forbio — Silver Town #TBSPNewTalents
Need For Mirrors — Chapel
Gor — Escape
Bad Company UK — Ice Station Zero (ft. Mat Zo & Kill The Noise)
Counterstrike — No One Gets Out of Here Alive
Killbox — Kashmere Uzi
Muzzy — In The Night (feat. Sullivan King)
Ratsim x Duality — Rogue VS Stonebank VS Slips & Slurs — Unity [Mashup] Fusion Bass — Underwater (Original Mix)
Diverstate & Legbore — Broke Me Down (Original Mix)
DJ DUTZH — Brake Check (ADR Exclusive)
True Terrors — Click Clack (Original Mix)
BroCan — Roses feat. A.Germanova (Perfect Silence Remix)
Nuclear Revolt & Touch Inc — No Signal (Original Mix)
Jarvis & Spag Heddy — Ready 2 Party
Teminite & Evilwave — Rattlesnake
Chime — Smokescreen
Space Laces — Cruise Control
Space Laces — Cruise Control (IVORY Remix)
Onshi — Exodus Original Mix
Eptic — Bloodlust
Barely Alive — Bad Thang (ft. Splitbreed)
Slushii — Where I’m At
Dodge & Fuski & PhaseOne — Mistakes (ft. The Arcturians)
Diamond Eyes Christina Grimmie — Stay With Me #TBSPThrowback
BimoZilla — 1986
Zlostin-Fatal(Demo Version)
KHM98 — Bangladesh
Taipi-Simply melody
Omnia & Ana Criado — No One Home (Shreds Owl Radio Remix)
[email protected] — Morning
3 I.M.G — Outcome
Grafchikov feat. Uachik-heavenly instinct (original mix)
Stoneface & Terminal — Beast In The Machine (Cenk Basaran Remix)
Argon Shey — Neox (Original Mix)
Craig Connelly — New York Sunday
Protoculture — Sanctuary (Extended Mix)
N.O.B.A — Notation 1.2
Teoss & Censer — Loaded (Original Mix) #TBSPExclusive
Beliaal — Athne
Spiros Kaloumenos — Floating Point (Original Mix)
Cosmic Boys — Secret Invasion (Original Mix)
AMi O — Last Sunrise (Glass Coffee Remix)
Respektus — Drop Up (Original Mix)
Foxt — Sleeping Ocean (Original Mix)
Tachycardia — Tranqulity
Nektar — Origin
Dj bf — Deep Penetration (Original Mix)
Ushkov Pavel — Lesing
Paul Chasa — Lone
Archelli Findz — Paradise Coming Down
Avicii — Wake Me Up #TBSPThrowback
Rocket Master — Starship
Trackmatic — Pressure
Cosco — I Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
Andrew Grigo & ArchiON — Don’t Lose Control (BERTSCH Remix)
J-Trick & Joel Fletcher — Here We Go ft. Fatman Scoop (ERN Drop Remix)
GlowWay & Hanger — Clarity (Original Mix)
Habstrakt — Vibin’
Fondz — Rock And Roll (Original)
Dj Antonio — Crash Test (Alex Style Project Remix)
Jauz — In The Zone (Ft. Example)
Stulle — KCUF
Green Ketchup & DMETME — Deeper Original Mix
Rory Childs — Kyber
Soundliner — Voices In My Head (Hugeloud Remix)
BroCan — Kokey
Paul Chasa — Water


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