TBSP012: Fresh & original

Приветствуем Вас!

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию свежайший выпуск The Bright Sound Podcast – TBSP012.

[House Section] Alessan , Sokline – Sea (Original Mix)
Axwell – I Found U (Hit Mechaniks Remix)
Fusedform – Move On Up (Plastikkid Remix)
Green George – Start A Fight (Original Mix)
Green George – Start A Fight (Max Olsen & Alex Berrimor Remix)
Mac Graymer – Let’s Go (Original Mix)
Šañ†a – Hypnosis
Calman – Woman (VIP)
Touch The Sound – Velik (Original Mix)
Denis Go – Rays of Goodness (Original Mix)
[Techno Section] Hoboland – Gorilla
Alan Fitzpatrick – For An Endless Night (Jel Ford Remix)
Christian Cambas, Spartaque – My Vision (Christian Cambas Remix)
NHB – Bad Reflections (Original Mix)
[Dubstep Section] Fusion Bass feat Evgenia Indigo – Diving In Your Eyes (Original mix) #TBSPExclusive
Virtual Riot – You Know Me
The Brig – Ready To Beat
Vladimir Nagrebetskiy – Madness (Original Mix)
Zomboy – Delirium (Far Too Loud Remix)
Aero Chord – Saiko
Daudr x Helicopter- Yuko
NuClear – Steady As You Are
Zomboy – Airborne (MUST DIE! Remix)
Barely Alive – Dead Link VIP
Dilemn – Get Up
xKore – Full Clip


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